Proposed Structure

The Cult DAO Structure

We’re looking at two types of membership:

Voting members

Voting rights will be tokenized (ERC-721) and transferable. These members will vote on proposals, project plans, roadmap changes, etc. - Functions as the governing body of the DAO.

Non-voting members

General membership token holders (ERC-20) who do not own voting tokens. They are co-owners of the vault DAO

We’re looking at two types of partners:

Advisory Board

Advisors exist to support the DAO and must actively participate in proposing initiatives. Beyond that, they have no additional rights or privileges. They can be voting members or non-voting members.


They can participate in funding the administrative and infrastructure costs associated with running a DAO (e.g., community managers, development of custom tools, overhead), with budgets to be approved by the DAO governing body, but these funds are independent of the DAO coffers that will be used to purchase NFTs.


In addition to management activities in which all DAO members participate, committees are created. Committees are groups of members with a budget and goals for DAO development within their competencies.
We propose to form the following committees: