Wallets + DAO Tools

The Cult DAO ToolKit

The DAO Treasury

This is the ETH wallet that contains all the DAO's art and other tokens (such as ETH). It is managed by the Multisig Team.
The wallet will be controlled by key members who will make every effort to act in accordance with decisions made by the holders. The two founders of the Cult DAO will each have one signature but will never have full control of the wallet (either alone or acting together). Most of the wallet signatories will be key members of the Community who will initially be chosen on a voting basis. Any future changes in the composition of the signatories will go through a governance proposal and will be subject to a vote of the holders.
The NFTs purchased using funds in the Cult DAO will be placed in a vault.
The community will have day-to-day control over the management of NFT assets through ownership of voting tokens.


Snapshot is our Governance layer. It is where Proposals go to be voted on by voting token holders.

Forum for discussion of management proposals

We use Discord, which currently has no competitors for large community communications like ours.

Bots for chat management with restricted access

CollabLand — bots for chat management with restricted access depending on the number of tokens in your wallet and the ability to reward tokens.

Multisignature wallet

Gnosis Safe is a multisignature wallet for DAO money management.